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November 14

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We had a strange night and someone accidentally stumbled into our room. It definitely gave me a bit of a fright but at least the hotel was very apologetic. When we woke up in the morning we had breakfast and went straight to agritechnica! Everyone was really looking forward to it. We got the the exhibition and it was extremely overwhelming! There are about 25 halls filled with businesses and equipment! We spent all day wandering and I don’t think we even saw half. We stopped for a bratwurst and beer but besides that we just walked and walked and walked. I have never seen so much cultivation equipment. John Deere had all of their new tractors on display so that was neat to see. I also couldn’t believe all of the sugar beef equipment, it was huge! After tiring out our legs we found a traditional German restaurant, Herrenhäuser fass. I had schnitzel with bernaise sauce and it was delicious. Everyone else had pork kebabs. They hardly spoke any English so we had to act out a bit of what we wanted. Our waiter tried to act out a bird but all we got was that it was not chicken! Haha. Oh the joys of travelling! Best of all Michael had a great birthday

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November 13

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We left Holland pretty early to make it to the farm in Germany by lunchtime. Michael was so excited to drive on the autobahn! He got the Audi up to 190km/h! The farm was in Varendorfer which was just south of Hamburg. It was so beautiful! Guillaume and his brother met us there as well. The farm was a huge mix of old buildings and new equipment. One of the oldest buildings was built in 1840. I missed the older mans name but he was born and raised on the farm and now his son managed it. They had the main farm and then another farm in east Germany. They mainly grew potatoes and sugar beets. He told us about the regulations and it just seemed crazy all the rules they had to follow. Many of their fields has cover crops. It was so neat to see how they farm, definitely a highlight! We went for lunch with Guillaume and his brother at a local vegetable co-op, then they had to get going because they still had a 8 hour journey back to their home in France. We drove into Hannover in rush hour traffic and managed to find our hotel, which looked more like an apartment building. From there we walked to a spatzle house and had some delicious food. Spatzle is like a German noodle. I had curry flavoured and Michael had cheese. It was a very cute local place and our waiter was trying so hard to speak English! For dessert we had one of the best tiramisus I had ever had! All in all it was a good day but a long day! (Hotel in herressen)

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November 12

After waking up a lot during the night we all managed to sleep in until 830. I was worried Henry and Aganetha would have been waiting for us for hours but luckily they slept in as well. After breakfast we went to Jan’s workshop. He does a lot of welding and fabrication and right now he was working on making sliding patio doors. After a tour and a cup of coffee we all piled in the car and went to the national military (war) museum. The building was stark black and glass. It was quite the building. Inside there was so much to see. Tanks, trucks,planes, guns...Michael and Henry loved it! They had some good history displays too so I mainly read those while the boys ooh’d and ahh’d at all the toys. We spent the majority of the day wandering around the museum and after I wanted to go see a town surrounded by a canal so Jan took us to Amersfoort. I loved it! It had all the cute cookie cutter buildings and the old town was surrounded by a canal and a wall. It was fairytale perfect! There was a huge tower that was built in the 1500s that used to be part of a church but during the war it got so filled up with gun powder that it blew up! Luckily the big tower was spared. After wandering around for a while we all needed an ice cold Heineken! We found a cute pub, enjoyed some great beer and people watched. For dinner we went back to Jan’s moms house where she made pancakes! Some had ham and some where just plain, then you filled them with syrup and powdered sugar and rolled them up. Apparently it’s the special occasion dinner so I felt quite lucky! For dessert she made a Dutch dessert that had fresh milk, soggy bread, sugar and cinnamon...I think...that’s what it tasted like anyway! We had a great evening chatting with his family and sharing stories about Canada and holland.

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November 11

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After an eight hour flight we arrived into Amsterdam. Jan met us in Amsterdam and we followed him to Madurodam. Michael was a little too keen and got ahead of him and we started down a random highway, luckily it was the right highway! Madurodam is a mini holland. They have all the main buildings and attractions in mini form. I loved the mini churches and palace. They even had working trains and vehicles moving about. It was a really good overview of all things Dutch. The weather was cool and grey so as soon as the cafe opened we went for coffee. Plus we needed something to keep us awake! Next Jan took us to his town Scherpenzeel for lunch. I had a taste tomato soup with a croquette! Mmmm...one of my favourite things about travelling is the food! After lunch Jan took us to his house. It’s over 100 years old. There’s the main house and then a kind of living room, which was actually the original stables. Everything was old wood and concrete. It was so neat to see. Very cozy! We were all extremely exhausted from not getting any sleep on the plane and then staying up all day so we went to the hotel to settle in. Michael and I weren’t quite ready for bed so we wandered around Ede a bit. They had some nice walking streets so we explored a bit and enjoyed some olliebollen before going to bed...at 6pm! (Hotel de paasberg)

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