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November 13

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We left Holland pretty early to make it to the farm in Germany by lunchtime. Michael was so excited to drive on the autobahn! He got the Audi up to 190km/h! The farm was in Varendorfer which was just south of Hamburg. It was so beautiful! Guillaume and his brother met us there as well. The farm was a huge mix of old buildings and new equipment. One of the oldest buildings was built in 1840. I missed the older mans name but he was born and raised on the farm and now his son managed it. They had the main farm and then another farm in east Germany. They mainly grew potatoes and sugar beets. He told us about the regulations and it just seemed crazy all the rules they had to follow. Many of their fields has cover crops. It was so neat to see how they farm, definitely a highlight! We went for lunch with Guillaume and his brother at a local vegetable co-op, then they had to get going because they still had a 8 hour journey back to their home in France. We drove into Hannover in rush hour traffic and managed to find our hotel, which looked more like an apartment building. From there we walked to a spatzle house and had some delicious food. Spatzle is like a German noodle. I had curry flavoured and Michael had cheese. It was a very cute local place and our waiter was trying so hard to speak English! For dessert we had one of the best tiramisus I had ever had! All in all it was a good day but a long day! (Hotel in herressen)

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